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For years we provide a comprehensive “door-to-door“ moving services for individual customers.
Moving to a new house or apartment is often one of the most important and long-awaited events in our lives. We move to another place with the belongings that we have collected for years, and that represents our lives. Every element, every souvenir and every piece of furniture is important. Undoubtedly, we want it to proceed easily and safely.

That is the most important reason for Przeprowadzki Golden to put so much emphasis on delivering services comprehensively, with attention to every detail of this challenging task. Time plays a fundamental role in the process. We always strive to be at the given address on time, and efficiently prepare your home equipment for transportation.
Our fleet is equipped with safeguards that will secure your property to exclude any possibility of damage.
We use professional transport straps, ropes, bubble wrap and cushioning blankets.
The removal team will be eager to help you organize personal items that are already packed and ready for transportation. With the greatest care, they will determine the order in which your boxes, bags and other packages should be placed in the car. All that to ensure safety and eliminate potential losses and damage.
If the need occurs, our professionals will also help you with disassembling and arranging furniture and electronic devices as well as other equipment.
Dismantle of the sliding wardrobe or kitchen cabinetry will not be a problem.
Our crew will transfer all your belongings from the departed place to the car, and from the vehicle to your new home at the designated location. If there is no elevator in your building - no need to worry! We know perfectly that it is very common, especially in older blocks of flats or tenement houses, so it won't be a problem for us.

If you have non-standard, delicate or larger-sized items, such as pianos, safe boxes or unique flower specimens, we will take the best care of it, preparing it for transportation with the necessary precautions.
Choosing our company, you can be sure to receive comprehensive service, professional assistance and time-efficient service during your removal.
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