We offer transport services both throughout Poland and to other European Union countries.
Every relocation, regardless of the destination, is a complex challenge that requires logistical approach. Undoubtedly, moving to another country means that we have to face many unknown obstacles.

Przeprowadzki Golden delivers services not only within Krakow and Poland but also provides relocation to other European countries.

We transport the property with cars, ferries and sea containers, depending on the circumstances and customers preferences. From the very first phone call with you, we will start logistic and legal preparation for the transport of your belongings. We help you complete all the necessary documentation and permits for the journey. We support you during the relocation process from the very beginning until we finish unloading all of the furnishings and equipment in the target location.

After meeting at appointed address, we start loading your property into the car, using beforehand prepared safeguard - professional transportation straps, bubble wraps and stretch foil. We carry boxes, containers, bags and other home equipment and prepare for transport. We make every effort to ensure that the upcoming long journey passes safely, with neither a single scratch nor other damage. Years of experience taught us that the correct order of loading a client's belongings might be the key to safe transport, regardless of weather conditions or the chosen route. Our fleet is prepared to carry the cargo of non-standard items or larger sizes, such as pianos, safe boxes or royal beds. We also provide safe transport of antiques, works of art or instruments.

After reaching the designated place, your belongings will be meticulously moved to a new location and organized. We are happy to help you reassemble furniture and other equipment. You won't have to bother with the disposal of protective materials, cartons, boxes and other - we will take them with us back to Poland.

Przeprowadzki Golden is the perfect choice if you plan to start a new life in a foreign country without unnecessary stress.
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