Furniture assembly
and disassembly

The scope of our services also includes professional assembly and disassembly of furniture and other equipment.
When you're moving to a new place, you'll probably encounter one of the two challenges: disassembling furniture or assembling it in a new home. Redecorating might be fun unless the manuals are complicated and unclear. As for a new furnishing, finding an instruction shouldn't be a problem, but for some old wardrobes or kitchen cabinetry, it might cause some troubles. Process of dismantling furniture is a time to review our strength, organizational skills and patience of a saint so that we don't miss any screw and we put everything into the right place.

Let's face the truth. Moving is already a demanding task, so there is no need to make it even harder. To let you enjoy such an important life event the best option is to take the assistance of professionals.

To help you deal with all these difficulties, Przeprowadzki Golden included in its offer service of assembly and disassembly of furniture and equipment. Regardless of whether it is a built-in wardrobe, office workstation or RTV equipment - our specialists will cope with this task masterfully.

During disassembly, we will ensure that all parts of your equipment are collected in one place and properly labelled. We will prepare a detailed sketch with a description of all furniture parts to avoid mistakes and errors when reassembling your belongings.

Furniture assembly in a new apartment will take place after a prior precise arrangement with the client. All the essential tools needed for the task are provided by our company.

However, please have in mind a few rules when you pack:
The boxes used for packaging should have a solid bottom, preferably supported with a tape.
Cardboard boxes and containers can be purchased at a supply store or get for free from supermarkets and similar facilities.
As box fillers, you can use bubble wrap, old newspapers, polystyrene peanuts or foam protectors.
Sponges, stretch foil and bubble wrap are perfect protection for delicate, loose items.
Electronic equipment such as PCs or microwave ovens can be protected with stretch foil.
Mark boxes, bags, sacks and other ready-to-transport packages, with a short description such as "porcelain" or "stationery ". It will be helpful during unpacking and is useful information that can protect objects from damage.
Choosing our company, you can be sure to receive comprehensive service, professional assistance and time-efficient service during your removal.
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