Transport of large
and heavy items

We transport large and heavy objects such as pianos or safe boxes ensuring the highest standards of protection.
When we start organizing the removal of our house or business, we often forget that large, heavy, non-standard items require special handling. Unfortunately, not all moving companies offer the possibility of transporting such equipment.

Transportation of pianos, safe boxes or antique wardrobes is not an easy task. For a person who does not have a professional car with safety equipment, it might be simply an impossible task.

Our company offers you the service of transporting equipment of large and non-standard size. Our qualified professionals have been additionally trained to guarantee you the safety of transported property regardless of its size or shape. They will take care of your belongings for all the duration of the service. From the dismantling to arranging your furnishing at the destined location. The crucial role in this task will play a specially adapted car with special safeguards such as transportation tie-down straps, bubble and stretch wrap or cushioning blankets.

Before you start packing and moving, assess which of your belongings qualify as non-standard items. All items that you can describe as extraordinarily heavy or above-average size qualifies as such. Remember that some furniture, like desks or bookshelves, which may seem extremely large, might be disassembled. After dismantling, it often turns out that the transport of a given item does not require a special transport service as a non-standard item.

Regardless of whether your removal takes place in Krakow and the surrounding area, or you move to another city or country, our company provides safe, fast and cheap transportation of large-size equipment and furniture.
Choosing our company, you can be sure to receive comprehensive service, professional assistance and time-efficient service during your removal.
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