House equipment

We offer the possibility of disposing of furniture, electronic equipment and other unwanted items.
Moving to a new apartment, regardless of whether it is a flat, a house or a new office, is a process during which we produce plenty of waste.

Trying to organize and manage our belongings, we find loads of forgotten furnishings and personal items that we don't know what to do with. Moving to a new place also includes extra investment in brand new decor and equipment. The old items become useless and start to collect dust.

The question arises, what can you do with things you no longer need? This topic is particularly important for people who do not have a spacious basement, garage or storage, in which they could store old furniture and other items.

The best solution is to try the services of Golden Przeprowadzki, which offers the distribution and disposal of all unwanted belongings.
After long packing and organizing belongings, comes one of the most troublesome stages of moving. It the final cleaning and finding a proper place to dispose of our useless items.

Unfortunately, the law is very strict about handling household waste management. We have the obligation to segregate waste into five fractions. Moreover, all bigger sized items, such as sofa beds, wardrobes, desks and chairs, should be disposed of according to the rules established by the city government. Electronics, household appliances and other small electronics should be thrown into a designated electronic waste drop off location.
In order to avoid the struggle with things that are, let's face it, no longer useful for us, it's better to hand them over to specialists. We will carefully ensure that they get to the right place in accordance with applicable law and respect for the natural environment.

Our company offers help in the disposal and recycling of items such as:
fitted kitchen, bathroom furniture and other home furniture;
cabinet and office equipment;
appliances and electronics;
everyday items;
finishing works waste - shutters, panels, tiles.
For everyone for whom time is a valuable asset, professional utilization service will be one of the most important assistance during the removal process.
With discarding old items and belongings, you will quickly get comfort and peace of mind that will allow you to acclimatize in a new place more easily.
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